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Big Willy for Friends....

Big Willy

Behind this name there is an artist of Brabant soil (Brabant is a province of the Netherlands)
Big Willy owes his name to his posture.
Willy van Oorschot, which is his actual name, comes from the small village of Beek en Donk. He is happily married for many years with his love Marij.
Willy is a lover of Country music through and through.
His idols are, as you can see, Slim Whitman, Jim Reeves and Roy Orbison.
Willy is disabled and singing is for him an outlet. In this way he can cope with his feelings. Willy mostly sings for fellow disabled people and the sick in nursing homes. Willy also sings at birthday and wedding parties. And he often sings at funerals and cremations.

Music always has played a very important role in Willy's life. When Willy was 14 years old, he bought his first Slim Whitman lp. He was so impressed by this music, that he always has been passionate about country. To express this passion, in September 1986 he sang his most favorite song (Secret Love by Slim Whitman) in the village of Lieshout. It turned out to be very successful.
Since that moment he did a lot of performances. His wife, Marij, also became fascinated by country and of course she is her husband's greatest fan.



It is always a little bit dangerous to mention names, because you take the risk to underestimate somebody.
That's why I will not mention anybody personally. Nevertheless I would like to thank everybody who has given me any kind of support or help, be it for preparing the cd, the voluntary work or the realization of this site.

But a very special word of thank goes to my own beloved Marij.
Without her, I wouldn't have been able to be who I am.

So thanks to everybody who gives me the chance to be: 

Big Willy...